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Date: 02-August-2012

Dear Kansara Brothers and Sisters,


What is Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of rakhi. This is the festival of brother and sister. This festival is celebrated on Shravan Pournima.

The science underlying Raksha Bandhan

The science underlying Raksha Bandhan can be understood with the help of the Divine Knowledge received by Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, Sanatan’s seeker receiving Divine Knowledge.

On the day of Shravan Pournima high speed frequencies of Yama principle are activated in the universe. Particles of the Absolute Fire Element (Tej) are generated due to the friction between these high speed frequencies. These particles of Tej are emitted into the atmosphere. They become inert because of their union with the ground particles and they create a covering on the ground. This is called raksha.

Bali, the king of Hell region uses the raja-tama frequencies emitted by this raksha to nurture the negative energies. Hence, a woman ties rakhi to a man as a symbol of invoking Earth and taking Earth's help in restraining this action of King Bali.
On the day of Shravan Pournima, Deity Laxmi tied rakhi to King Bali and freed Narayana.

Prayer to be made while tying rakhi

येन बद्घो बली राजा दानवेन्‍द्रो महाबल: ।
तेन त्‍वामपि बध्‍नामि रक्षे मा चल मा चल ।।

This means, I tie you with the same raksha, by which the powerful demon king, King Bali was tied. O rakhi, you remain steadfast.
As per the teachings of Bhavishyapuran, Rakshabandhan was primarily meant for kings. Nowadays this festival is celebrated by everyone. The sister ties her brother a rakhi on the day of Rakshabandhan.

Religious actions to be performed while tying rakhi

For tying the rakhi, a short wooden stool is placed for the brother to be seated
A rangoli design is drawn around this wooden stool
Sattvik frequencies are emitted from the rangoli designs made in this way and they help in making the environment of the place sattvik.
(The brother wearing new clothes and a cap on his head, applies tilak on his forehead and sits on the wooden stool. Sister stands in front of him with a platter for aukshan in her hand. Both brother and sister close their eyes, pay obeisance to the God.)
Now both brother and sister pray to the deities for the protection of each other.
The sister applies tilak of vermillion to the brother.
The sister ties the rakhi on the right wrist of the brother.
After tying the rakhi, a ghee lamp arti is waved in a semi-circle in front of the brother.
After waving the arti, the brother gives his sister something as a gift. The sister should respect the brother by accepting his gift.
Appropriate prayer by the brother on Raksha Bandhan day: On Raksha Bandhan day every brother should pray, 'In addition to the protection of my sister let me make efforts for the protection of society, nation and Dharma.'


Spiritual benefits of Raksha Bandhan

There is benefit of Sri Ganesh principle and Sri Saraswati principle. The principles of Sri Ganesh and Sri Saraswati descend on Earth in higher proportion. By praying for the protection of each other by the brother and sister, both benefit from the these deity principles.

There is increase in the Absolute Fire element. By waving arti the frequencies of the Absolute Fire element are emitted by the flame of the lamp and help in enhancing the Absolute Fire element in the brother.
The brother benefits from the Shakti principle. The Shakti principle is awakened in the woman tying rakhi. The brother benefits from this Shakti principle through the medium of the rakhi.
The mutual give and take between the brother and sister decreases. Generally there is 30% give and take account between a brother and sister. They complete their give and take account in the subtle form through the medium of festivals like Rakhi Pournima.

An illusory flow is attracted in the rakhi
An illusory spiral is generated in the rakhi due to the various colourfull and flashy items used in making the rakhi.
Illusory frequencies are spread in the body of the person upon tying such rakhi.
Illusory particles remains active for a long time in his body.
Tama-predominant flow of black energy is attracted in the rakhi.
A tama-predominant and thorny spiral is generated in the rakhi and a spiral of tama guna revolves in an activated form in the wrist of the preson to whom the rakhi is tied.
Tama-predominant frequencies spread in the body of the person. Thereby, these tama-predominant vibrations enter every action performed by his hands.
Particles of tama are spread in his body.
3. Tama-predominated frequencies are spread in the body of the woman tying the rakhi.
4. Tama–predominant illusory particles are spread in the environment.

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