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From the desk of  web developer Gaurang Mahendra Goradiya

Dear Kansara Cast Members,

Jai Gopal,

First of all I am very thankful to SHRI GUJARATI KANSARA MAHAMANDAL MUMBAI, CET - C.A. Jagmohanbhai Lalani, Ex. President - Naresh M. Dudhela, MT-  C.A Jayprakash Dudhela  and all committee members and permanent board of trustee of SGKMM for giving me this opportunity to serve our community by the means of website development as this is my loved passion. Today I had developed and  promoted more then 70 websites on Google. MSN , YAHOO UK and USA, AE  worldwide 300 search engines. My own website - is on 4th position on most imp search engine,,, ,, with KEYWORD - "website designing in Mumbai" or "web designing in Mumbai".

Big Inspiration and motivation I got to make this website to serve our community with out taking any charge from my "DADA" Golokvasi Gokaldas Bhagvanji Kansara who had contributed his whole life (Aprx. 50 years) to JAI Gopallal Vaishnav Sampraday. As a devotee of Shri Gopallal and Pushtimarg,  he had spent his 50 years and whole life  as  "DHADHI" and "BHETAYAJI" and "KIRTANKAR" with his own expenditure and with out taking any charge. He was Pushtimarg Pracharak and Prasarak and wrote so many articles on "PUSHTI MARG" and "Shri Yamunaji" though he was just studied standard 3!!! His Gujarati Grammar was very powerful.  From age of 15, he had never missed any "MANORATH" or "MANDAP" of "Kansara Vaishanv" or "Mardiya" or "Sorathiya" or "Vanja" or "Patel" or "Sutar" or "Luhar" or "Soni". Today every Jai Gopal Vaishanav Family not only Kansara but Mardia, Vanja, Patel, Soni, Luhar knows him as "Gokalbapa - DHADHI".

My DADA Golokvasi Gokaldas Bhagvanji Kansara had given a major contribution in solving problem of "BHIYAL" ("Lalvadraiji") Temple. He played a very active and anchor role for possession of  "Gokul Madir" to "Jay Gopallal Shrushti".


Second inspiration I got from my loved father Shri Mahendrabhai Gokaldas Goradiya, who is on same path like my DADA! My dad is a successful businessmen and wholesale of S. S. utensil and distributor of MUMBAI, RAJKOT and ODHAV Utensils. Apart from busy business, my father never miss any "MANORATH" or "Mandap". He becomes "DHADHI" and "BHETAYAJI" and give lectures and pravachan on "Pushtimarg". In Manorath and Mandap, he performs leading role in "SAMAIYA" , "SEVA PRAKAR" and "DHADHI - LEELA". He has a very deep knowledge of Pushtimarg like my DADA and he deliver same to all the vaishnavs in Manorath or Pravachan. He sings very "Bhavpriya" Kirtan. He has a great control on ALL PUSHTIMARGIYA RAGAS like 'Bhairavi", "Maru", "Shivranjani", "Devghandhar", "Sarang", "Malar", "Chaturi", "Ramagri", "Maruni", "Bhimplasi" etc.

The big motivation I got from my loved younger brother, young and smart, 27 years old HIMANSHU MAHENDRA GORADIYA. At the age of 21 years only he had started "WHOLESALE UTENSIL BUSINESS" on his own hand from "ZERO" balance and today his business reached at Rs. 2 to 2.5 Crore turn over per Year!! He had worked hard to establish wholesale utensil business alone with my father in small city DHARI with out any financial or any other support and today he supply his utensils to more then 100 retailer utensil shops in our area. As a utensil merchant, today his monthly income is Rs. 1 to 1.5 Lack in small city like DHARI from our so called "BAP DADA's Utensil Business".

My younger brother is president of Yuva Congress in DHARI region. In future, he want to establish his own SS, Brass, Copper Utensil Showroom in Rajkot or Mumbai. As an active president of Yuva Congress, he conduct lots of social activities and medical help to poor in our area.

Lots of our young generation are today in our "BAP DADA's Utensil Business" and they left education or study to run their"BAP DADA's Utensil Business" or do no t get more chance for higher study due to run their own utensil business. There is nothing wrong in it. "EDUCATION IS NOT EVERYTHING".

My younger brother always tells me that "with higher degree or education, you will get a job of Rs. 20 to 80 thousands per month and there is your limitation". but in business, "SKY IS THE LIMIT". If you have mission and target on your mind, commitment to do hard work, do not have any shame for to do any small work,  adoption of change according to market strategy,  you can earn Rs. 1 LALH per month from our "BAP DADA's Utensil Business".

Frankly speaking, our kansara's root are in "BUSINESS" and not in "EDUCATION" or "JOB". We are purely "BANIYA"!

Website will be integral part of business communication and marketing in next 5 years. With website you can spread your message to thousand s of people with in a matter of minute with out any  charge. 

I request you to "Sign Guestbook"  and also write me regarding website issues, more features, new innovation in current website, how should I run site etc.... You can write me or contact me by phone, mobile or e-mail as per below given contact details.

Thank you for your co-operation and consideration,


Gaurang M .Goradiya - GNIIT & D.PHARM - Website developer of





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